Tuesday, February 20, 2007

February 20, 2007 - "Configuring Emulators Part II"

Spent a couple more days setting up some other emulators to work with Mamewah. I am currently setting them up on my desktop machine to test. When I start working them into the arcade cab I will post my .ini files and any configuring tips I have found. I have configured the following in addition to the ones already configured:

Visual Pinball - Pinmame
Amiga - WinUAE
Commodore 64 - WinVice
Atari 5200 - Mess
Atari 7800 - Mess
Colecovision - Mess
Intellivision - Nostalgia
Nintendo 64 - Project64
Odyssey 2 - O2EM
Sega Genesis - Kega Fusion
Sega Master System - Kega Fusion
Super Nintendo - ZNES
Atari Lynx - Handy
Nintendo Gameboy (Color) - VBA Smooth
Nintendo Gameboy Advance - VBA Smooth
Sega Game Gear - Kega Fusion


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